Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – RINO Hunting Ft. Rep. Pete Sessions, Savanah Hernandez 11/11/21

The Biden Regime is perfectly content with bankrupting working-class American families while empowering the DOJ to pay half a million dollars to each and every illegal immigrant child who was “separated from their family.” This is the same DOJ that has been weaponized to now pursue and harass journalists they see as a threat to Joe Biden’s personal reputation. You’d think each and every Republican would rise up together and do everything in their power to fight back. But nope! RINOs continue to sell us out for their own dubious interests and it is costing us big time. Texas Congressman Pete Sessions joins us to discuss the latest on Capitol Hill and Podcaster Savanah Hernandez joins us to break down the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and what Antifa is really all about.


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