WATCH: President Trumps Remarks On Restoring Public Safety

The violent and vicious riots in Atlanta carried out by the anti-police, radical left anarchists are an abomination.

  • Unfortunately, nothing will happen to most of these rioters because of the Marxist prosecutors who have seized control of our justice system.
  • As always, hardworking, law-abiding citizens of all backgrounds pay the price for this George Soros-sponsored, radical left extremism.
  • The rioters who attack our wonderful police officers and destroy so many lives must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  • If Marxist prosecutors betray their oaths and refuse to protect our citizens, President Trump will send in federal law enforcement to restore peace and public safety.
  • President Trump will restore law and order in America.

The new D.C. city council crime bill is the latest iteration of the Democrat’s defund the police crusade.

Washington D.C. has the worst record on crime and murder that it’s ever had, yet this bill:

  • Reduces the penalties for carjackers.
  • Reduces the penalties for robberies.
  • Slashes penalties for convicted felons committing gun crimes.
  • Eliminates almost all mandatory minimum sentences.
  • Congress must stop these deranged policies from going into law.
  • Congress should immediately send a resolution to Joe Biden’s desk rejecting this weak-on-crime agenda.
  • Force Biden to choose between standing with violent criminals or the law-abiding citizens of our nation’s capital.

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