Trump releases new line of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and ‘FJB’ apparel

by Alex Caldwell

President Donald Trump’s Save America PAC launched a new line of “Let’s Go Brandon” and “FJB” shirts for sale after the popular anti-Biden chants rapidly spread across the nation and the globe.

Trump’s Save America PAC is asking supporters for donations of at least $45 for a limited edition “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt.

Americans began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” across the country after a NBC News reporter conducted a post-race interview earlier this month with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. As crowds at the Talladega Superspeedway repeatedly chanted “F*** Joe Biden,” the reporter seemingly tried to salvage Biden’s image by telling the camera that they were shouting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“As you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon,'” said the NBC News reporter, despite that the real chant could be heard loud and clear.

Since the NBC reporter’s blunder, Americans have chanted the new phrase at football games, concerts, bars, and other crowded places.

Loza Alexander went viral on TikTok after releasing a hip-hop rendition of the chant, called the “Let’s Go Brandon Theme Song,” which topped Apple Music’s hip-hop/rap chart as the number one song, and the number two song across all genres.

Alexander reported that his TikTok account was frozen for “bullying” following the song’s successful debut.

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