Youngkin WINS, smashes Democrat McAuliffe in Virginia governor’s race

Glenn Youngkin, Republican candidate for Virginia governor, maintained a strong lead over Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe in a hotly anticipated political race that has pitted two wildly different candidates against each other.

Youngkin, a conservative and Trump-endorsed candidate beloved widely by a red-blooded conservative constituency in the state of Virginia, was vaulted to victory tonight, maintaining an impressive lead ahead of McAuliffe. 

Youngkin, originally considered to be the underdog in the race, pulled ahead of McAuliffe early in the night, with only a small percentage of the precincts reporting. He has been popular among Virginian voters for his matter-of-fact approach to politics, his support of President Donald Trump, and his staunch opposition to tyrannical vaccine mandates. 

Additionally, Youngkin has scored major points among voting parents in Virginia with his strong support of parental rights in schools. 

Youngkin stated recently in an interview with Real Clear Politics

“This is about parents, and Terry McAuliffe wanting to put government between parents and their children, and we in Virginia have a law that says parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their kids’ education. I stand for it, Terry is against it, it’s that clear, and voters are standing up and rejecting Terry McAuliffe.”

It would appear that Youngkin’s approach to the campaign trail worked in his favor. Of course, President Trump’s endorsement certainly didn’t hurt. On Youngkin’s candidacy for Virginia governor, Trump stated earlier this week:

“Hopefully everyone will get out and VOTE tomorrow for Glenn Youngkin, who will be a fantastic Governor for the Great State of Virginia… Everything is on the line in this election, and every MAGA voter should strongly support Glenn Youngkin. We must win bigger than the margin of fraud by flooding the polls with those that believe in America First. Please vote on Tuesday for Glenn Youngkin—he will not let you down!”

Thankfully for conservative voters and Trump supporters in the state of Virginia, it looks like people did vote. Youngkin’s victory is a momentous occasion for Virginia, a state that went blue in November 2020 during the presidential election. Virginia flipping red for a Trump-endorsed candidate speaks volumes about what Virginia wants to see in their elected leaders: more conservative values, freedom of medical choice, and protection of parental rights.

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