2024 is right around the corner, and Trump’s chances of WINNING are better than EVER

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

In just a couple of months, 2024 will arrive, and with it, so will the most anticipated presidential election cycle in modern history. President Donald Trump is poised to make a third bid to claim the White House, and he will likely be facing off against Joe Biden for a second time.

Since leaving office, Trump has left a void that no one can fill. Joe Biden’s arrival at the Oval Office has facilitated the most disastrous and rapidly catastrophic presidency in the country’s history, resulting in global unrest, record-high inflation, and the destruction of the southern border.

America has never been so unsafe. America has never been expensive. America has never been so threatened from abroad and within by power players who would like to see Constitutional rights abolished.

Supporters of the 45th president will be glad to know that Trump’s chances of being reelected to serve as commander-in-chief have never been better. Amid Joe Biden’s wandering and often-absent leadership, Americans have been left longing for better and brighter days.

While political polling can be hit or miss, prospective 2024 polls for both the GOP primary and general elections have carried one singular and resounding theme headed into the final months of 2023: Trump has what it takes to claim victory next November.

The king of the GOP

Within the Republican Party, President Trump unquestionably reigns supreme. He holds a 49-point lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., nationwide, according to Morning Consult’s most recent 2024 Republican primary tracker.

The primary will kick off in earnest on January 15 with the Iowa caucuses, and Trump is poised to knock it out of the park, holding 55 percent of prospective caucus-goers’ support, while DeSantis holds only 17 percent.

Trump’s likely victory in Iowa will set him on a course to sweep the Republican primary elections across the nation next year as he inches closer to the 2024 Republican National Convention.

There is no doubt that Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party, and his support among red voters continues to increase every day.

MAGA captures Democrat voters and the youth

The Biden administration’s economic devastation and broken promises have seriously damaged the trust of Democrat voters and young voters in America. In fact, a recent poll from The Washington Post/ABC found that among American voters under the age of 35, Trump leads Biden by a jaw-dropping 20 points.

As reported by RSBN, Rasmussen recently conducted a poll among just over 1,000 U.S. likely voters, showing that Trump was America’s first choice for president among 53 percent of respondents – including 30 percent of Democrats.

This seismic shift in the political landscape foreshadows what could be a massive majority of Americans voting for Trump, regardless of party affiliation.

RFK Jr.’s third-party run is poised to help Trump

With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s entry into the presidential race as an Independent this week, the former Democrat and son of the late Sen. Kennedy has been touted as a viable alternative for hardline blue voters who shy away from voting for Trump but who are fed up with Biden’s failing policies.

According to Rasmussen, 25 percent of Democrat voters would cast their ballots for Kennedy over Biden. However, an interesting analysis from election integrity expert Seth Keshel presented a 2024 election theory that seems viable.

Accounting for Democrats who are likely to break for Kennedy, along with Democrats and Independents who are likely to break for Trump, even in a three-way race in 2024, Keshel contends that Trump will likely walk away from the election with a postulated 74.9 million votes, with Biden at 43.5 million and Kennedy at 40 million.

He wrote, “If Rasmussen is correct that a disparate number of partisan defectors comes from the Democrat, not Republican, camp, as I have surmised, and that 19% of Democrats are likely to vote for Trump (and it could be much worse if that number is the rumored 30%), then Trump wins by tens of millions of votes, and would produce a map like this:”

In other words, Kennedy’s entrance into the presidential race may actually serve to boost Trump’s chances of winning the election rather than sink them, as some have gloomily pontificated.

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