40,000 protest against France’s vaccine mandates

by Libby Krieger
Youtube Screenshot

Tens of thousands of French citizens took the streets this weekend to protest the government’s Covid-19 related measures including mandated health passes and vaccinations.

France’s mandated vaccinations have taken a toll on the healthcare industry in which 3,000 workers have already been suspended for refusing to get vaccinated, BBC reported.

Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen tweeted a video of the outraged protestors taking to the streets. He estimated about 40,000 were present.

According to a report by Gardaworld and shown in Imanuelsen’s video, the Yellow Vest protestors joined the dissent this weekend.

“Activists associated with the Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) anti-government protest movement also plan to stage nationwide demonstrations Oct. 23 to denounce rising fuel costs,” the news alert said.

In 2018, the Yellow Vests protested then-French President Emmanuel Macron’s green tax that caused fuel prices to increase, NPR reported.

The French public overwhelmingly supported the 2018 protests with 72 percent in favor of the Yellow Vest movement, according to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

“There is significant overlap between the two groups,” according to Gardaworld, as the two groups both share an anti-government overreach sentiment.

This is reportedly the 15th consecutive week of anti-vaccine mandate protests to sweep France as the government refuses to back down from Covid vaccine requirements.

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