45 launches ‘Small Business Leaders for Trump’ coalition in South Carolina

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump triumphantly took the stage in Summerville, South Carolina on Monday afternoon, where he is dominantly leading in the Palmetto State’s GOP primary.

He announced the launch of “Small Business Leaders for Trump,” a coalition that will focus on standing strongly with President Trump as he fights to reclaim the White House in 2024.

On Monday, he declared that he would rescue the country from the “burning wreckage” of Biden’s disastrous policies that are ravaging the country “so stupidly, so evilly.”

Per the Trump campaign, South Carolina Lt. Gov. Pamela S. Evette (R) stated, “No one has done more for America’s small businesses than President Donald J. Trump. From historic tax and regulatory cuts to unleashing American energy, President Trump built the world’s greatest economy twice—and if re-elected, he would do it a third time.” 

On Monday, the president delivered his manufacturing-centered speech at Sportsman’s Boats, where he heralded the Trump economic “boom” that occurred during his administration against Biden’s economic bust.

“We won the state twice by record numbers and we’re going to do it again,” Trump told the energetic crowd, drawing applause and cheers.

He added that a 2025 Trump administration would build America back “BIGGER, BETTER, [and] STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE.”

During his remarks he promised to levy tariffs on most foreign goods and vowed to pass the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act, which means America would charge the same tariffs as foreign countries charge the United States.

The president concluded, “I put America first EVERY SINGLE TIME.”

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