American Airlines cancels over 2,000 flights due to ‘staffing’ issues amid vaccine mandate

by Summer Lane

The high winds of freedom are blowing for another major airliner company amid more than 2,000 flight cancellations over the weekend, affecting tens of thousands of passengers.

Although American Airlines has cited “staffing problems” and “high winds” as the reason for the cancellations, the rash of chaotic airline schedules has been a familiar situation for the past month, in response to the tyrannical vaccine mandates being pushed by Joe Biden’s administration.

Last month, Southwest Airlines employees rose up against the vaccine mandates, protesting outside of the Southwest headquarters against the blatant violation of medical choice and individual liberty. Additionally, employee push-back against the vaccines also resulted in low staffing and thousands of flight cancellations.

The Southwest Pilots Association denied that the cancellations had anything to do with employees fighting back against the mandate, but stated that they were “aware of operational difficulties affecting Southwest Airlines today due to a number of issues, but we can say with confidence that our Pilots are not participating in any official or unofficial job actions.”

However, because of the Southwest employees’ protest, which you can still watch here on RSBN, the company rolled back their policy of placing unvaccinated members of their staff on unpaid leave, instead giving employees the option of requesting medical or religious exemptions.

American Airlines, like Southwest, appears to be the next airline company in a growing list of those suffering complications due to employee resistance to vaccine mandates. In fact, more than 1,000 flights were cancelled by Monday night, with American Airlines again blaming bad weather or low staffing problems.

Despite the reasons released to the press, it seems much more likely that American Airlines is experiencing the same kind of employee pushback that Southwest did, which ultimately resulted in a $75 million in profit loss, according to an investor relations report released by the company.

These flight cancellations and reports of staffing shortages also come amidst swirling rumors of mass numbers of AA flight attendants not showing up for work, resisting company demands to get the coronavirus vaccine. Interestingly enough, 1800 flight attendants are reportedly expected back from leave on Monday – although why they are returning now remains unclear.

The continued epidemic of flight cancellations and low staffing – due to employees quitting or being laid off due to strict coronavirus vaccination policies – is likely to worsen over the holiday season if airline companies do not respond to the obvious growing discontent of their employees, making for a hectic and difficult travel season for many Americans.

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