Andrew Tate discusses mixed messaging in human trafficking charges with Tucker Carlson

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Tucker Carlson released an interview he conducted with Andrew Tate that brings questionable elements of the justice system’s definition of human trafficking to light. 

Tuesday, he posted the video to Twitter, noting that it is lengthy but informative.

Before getting to the interview, he referenced the Julian Assange rape allegations that were heavily covered by the media after he leaked important government documents. Carlson also reminded viewers that those charges were dropped, as confirmed by BBC News.

The host also described how “Not a single woman has come forward,” and the media vilified Tate for his masculine messages before he was accused of serious crimes. 

During the interview, Tate explained that he is being charged with human trafficking for “recruiting girls to make TikToc videos to steal the money from the TikToc views.”

He and Carlson discussed that while this is not the general perception of human trafficking and the women involved have denied the allegations, he spent three months in prison and is currently under house arrest.   

Tate said, “I had no financial motivation. I have no criminal record. It’s not my personality profile.”

He also admitted that he must respect Romanian officials and the severity of the charges being levied against him. 

Tucker then clarified, “You are not accused of pandering or pimping, or forcing women to have sex with anybody.”

Tate agreed, stating, “That has nothing to do with this case.”

He claimed that he is being charged for utilizing a tactic he calls “the lover-boy method,” where he charms women into doing what he wants regardless of whether or not the women involved deny this. 

He said, “They can ignore the statement of the victim.”

“The state says she’s a victim regardless of the fact that she says she’s not a victim,” he added. 

Tucker and Tate discussed how consent to “decide” for themselves has been removed from these women by the state. 

Tate also emphasized that there was no violence or assault involved. He mocked the situation stating, “Andrew and his brother, by being nice men, convinced girls to have TikTok accounts and then take the money.” 

Despite joking that the allegations are absurd, Tate is aware that, if convicted, the crime holds a five to ten year sentence.

He has already served months in jail and described his mental state. He said, “Jail’s a different experience when you know you’re innocent.”

Carlson noted that most people believe human trafficking is “effectively slavery.” He then considered the current charges against Tate and asked, “How is the state not committing human trafficking by the same definition?”

Tate acknowledged the confusion it causes and the countless cases it could create between consenting adults. He also noted, “No judge has looked at the evidence in this case.” 

He explained how the negative media attention seems like a personal attack. He said, “I don’t want people to think I’m a conspiracy theorist,” but admitted that he questions the motives behind the charges.

Tate also tweeted about this information Wednesday. He wrote, “They could take any man alive who has two friends with TikTok accounts and do the same to him.”

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