Another Biden whistleblower comes forward

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Multiple developments have been revealed throughout the House Oversight Committee investigations of the Biden family. This week alone, clashes between the FBI and House members continued and a new whistleblower came forward.

This is the second IRS whistleblower to contact the committee regarding suspicious business dealings involving the Biden family, according to the New York Post. The new whistleblower worked for the IRS for five years as an international tax and financial crime group Special Agent.

After expressing concerns regarding the Biden family for years, this individual was fired this month. This new whistleblower believes they have been retaliated against for speaking up, per The Federalist.

Not only was this former IRS agent fired after years of working on the Biden case, but he alleges that the IRS threatened him for asking why he was terminated, according to The Federalist report. The whistleblower has sought legal aid and is now represented by his attorney as well as the advocacy group Empower Oversight. These representatives for the former IRS agent sent an email to IRS leadership regarding the seriousness of the situation. 

In addition, The Federalist’s report detailed how the whistleblower’s life was turned upside down over the case and how his findings were not taken seriously.

He stated, “For the last couple of years, my SSA [Supervisory Special Agent] and I have tried to gain the attention of senior leadership about certain issues prevalent regarding the investigation. I have asked for countless meetings with our chief and deputy chief, often to be left out on an island and not heard from.”

This comes just as the House Oversight Committee Chair, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., is battling the FBI over their decision to refuse to hand over an unclassified document for the Biden investigation. 

Concerns over investigation interference and Joe Biden’s potential involvement in a family crime ring continue to grow as the FBI and IRS engage in questionable behavior, especially regarding whistleblowers and their right to testify. 

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