AOC dons controversial ‘Tax The Rich’ dress at Met Gala where a single ticket costs $30k

by Vianca Rodriguez

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat congresswoman who has come under fire for misunderstanding basic economics and the working middle class through her avid support for socialism, is at it again.

Only this time, she strutted into the obscenely priced Met Gala wearing a white dress featuring three red words splashed across the back that Democrats usually campaign on but fail to follow through on: “Tax The Rich.”

The Met Gala, which usually entails a $30,000 price tag per admission ticket with an additional $275,000 per seat at the dinner table, according to Newsweek, is an annual favorite of corporatists, wealthy billionaires, and celebrities alike seeking tax breaks for charitable donations to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

AOC’s political statement dress was created by Brooklyn-based designer, Aurora James, who hopes to make an impact on behalf of “working-class women of color” while attempting to “break the fourth wall and challenge some of the institutions,” she replied to Vogue on a red-carpet interview.

It’s undoubtedly interesting that her dress representing “breaking walls” for “working-class” individuals happens to be, ironically, at one of the most elite, exclusive events in the nation (you can’t just simply buy a ticket, you must be pre-approved by the likes of Anna Wintour in order to get in).

Ocasio-Cortez’s actions in office have proven to be a never-ending wave of contradiction and hypocrisy. Aside from wearing an expensive “Tax The Rich” dress that most working-class citizens could never afford, the self-proclaimed socialist had no qualms about partying with several of the world’s capitalist millionaires. AOC lives quite a lavish lifestyle for a politician who receives an income of $175,000, which is peanuts relative to many other Met attendees.

Despite being a strong mask advocate, who believes that even the fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks, she attended the elitist event skipping the mask entirely. AOC also claims to want to “tax the rich” while rubbing shoulders with the very same wealthy individuals she supposedly seeks to attack.

Donald Trump Jr. criticized AOC, calling her a “fraud” and an “authoritarian mask Karen,” for not only wearing the controversial dress while “hanging out with a bunch of wealthy leftwing elites,” but also for attending the event without a mask after spending “the past 18 months” calling out people for not wearing one.

However, despite that many celebrities and other public figures have adopted the trendy phrase, “tax the rich” does not appear to be a universally accepted resolution to wealth disparity.

Recent Gallup findings show that Americans don’t find income inequality to be a pressing economic concern. A measly one percent of Americans indicated the gap between the rich and the poor should be the biggest problem facing the nation. In terms of non-economic problems, 26 percent said that Covid-19 remained a major concern, and 16 percent said the current government/poor leadership ranked as the second most pressing concern.

Regardless of what Americans think, the Biden administration and far-left Democrat lawmakers have campaigned extensively on the idea of taxing the arbitrarily “ultra-wealthy” to pay for exacerbating issues that often come at hefty trillion-dollar price tags. Most recently, it came in the form of infrastructure bills.

The more AOC contradicts her own political interests, the more Americans will wake up and see the reality that while she sells socialism to the working class, she does the opposite in her personal life.

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