Arizona’s Libertarian Senate candidate drops out, endorses Blake Masters

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

Just one week before Election Day, Arizona’s Trump-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, Republican Blake Masters, has earned another key endorsement – that of his Libertarian opponent, Marc Victor.

“I’ve said from the very beginning that the reason I’m running for Senate really is to promote and get us in the direction of freedom and peace and civility,” Victor said Tuesday in a YouTube video announcing the endorsement.

Revealing that he had made an offer to both Masters and the Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly to have a conversation about the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement, Victor explained: “What I wanted to find out is, is Blake Masters really, as best as I can tell, in his heart and in his mind, is he a ‘live and let live’ guy? Is he really for freedom and peace and civility?”

While adding that he and Masters do not agree on every issue, Victor said that he felt “very confident” that Masters would further those interests. 

“It’s my judgment that it’s in the interests of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement for me to step down with my campaign and urge people not to vote for me, not to vote for Mark Kelly, but to vote for Blake Masters because, given where we are right now, given our options right now, Blake Masters is the best choice for United States Senate,” he said.

Inviting his supporters to judge for themselves, Victor shared the 20-minute Zoom conversation he had with Masters in the video, during which the two candidates found common ground across their various policy positions.

According to a Wick Insights poll conducted Oct. 26-30, Masters is currently locked in a tight race, trailing Kelly 47-49 percent. Victor’s endorsement, however, could boost the Republican heading into next week’s election.

In a Tuesday statement to The New York Times, Masters said, “This is another major boost of momentum as we consolidate our support.”

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