As Election Day morphs into Election ‘Week,’ several key races still haven’t been called

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

There’s no denying that the American election system is a mess. From malfunctioning vote tabulators to mass mail-in ballots, the aftermath of Tuesday’s midterms has left many citizens scratching their heads: Why are the results taking so long?

Before Covid in 2020, the election system in America was not perfect, but generally, election results were announced on the evening of the appointed Election Day. Now, there are delays in vote counting across the country, thanks to the allegedly difficult task of processing mail-in ballots.

Here are how the remaining uncalled races stand right now.


All eyes are on Arizona as wildly popular Trump-endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is still waiting for Maricopa County to release their remaining votes. On Thursday, Lake told Fox News that her team was waiting on about “650,000” more votes out of Maricopa, and they were likely to swing overwhelmingly Republican.

As of Friday afternoon, the Arizona gubernatorial race had not been called. According to Maricopa County election officials, they do not expect to count all the votes until after Veterans’ Day weekend.


The Silver State is also locked in the suspense of waiting for mail-in ballots to arrive from the most populous county in Nevada, Clark County. Per RSBN, Republicans expect big numbers to continue boosting the GOP’s vote tally. Trump-endorsed GOP gubernatorial nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Republican U.S. Senate nominee Adam Laxalt are both expected to win big in Nevada, but the races are still uncalled.


The Peach State has pretty much wrapped up its election races, but the U.S. Senate nominee for Georgia, Herschel Walker, will be headed to a runoff election against Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., his incumbent challenger. Republicans need 51 seats to seize a majority in the Senate.

House Race Recap

So far, Republicans have scored a lineup of great House victories this midterm season, and Fox News reports as of Friday that there are 28 seats left in play while projecting 211 total seats won by Republicans.

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