As president again, Trump says he’ll ‘DROP THE HAMMER’ on China

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump ripped Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, during remarks made at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference in Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening, eviscerating evidence that they had taken millions of dollars from China.

He declared, “I will inform China that they have 48 hours to get any military and spy equipment out of Cuba, or I will drop the HAMMER and there will be tariffs unlike anything that China has ever seen before.”

Trump’s comments were preceded by a stinging attack on Joe Biden and Hunter, where he brought up the testimony of IRS whistleblower that revealed Hunter allegedly messaged a CCP official, where he reportedly discussed business deals with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the same room.

“Joe Biden is the MOST CORRUPT president in the history of our country BY FAR,” he stated.

Trump said that the Bidens had collected “tens of millions of dollars from China” in foreign business deals.

“Joe Biden is a totally compromised president, because they’re bribing him,” Trump continued. “They’re paying him off. They know all the money they’ve given and it’s far greater than anyone has been able to understand.”

He also pointed out that America’s enemies are well aware of the Biden family’s corrupt dealings. “…so he can’t ever go against them, because they’ll reveal the corruption,” he concluded.

Trump called the scandals of the Biden family “100 times bigger than Watergate.”

The president additionally touched on the duplicitous justice system in America today during his remarks, where he is facing two major cases – one in Manhattan and one in Miami. “I’m being indicted for YOU,” he said. “And I believe YOU is more than 200 million people that love our country.”

He added that he considered each indictment a “BADGE OF COURAGE.”

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