Attacks continue on Justice Clarence Thomas

by Josh Cohen

Photo: Alamy

A great number of attacks continue to be cast in the direction of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The most recent wave of vitriol in the wake of the recent news that real estate mogul Harlan Crow paid for the tuition of Thomas’s great-nephew has predictably stimulated and incensed many on the left.

According to Fox News, a report published by ProPublica Thursday revealed that Thomas’s great-nephew, whom Thomas and his wife had taken into their care in 1997, had his tuition paid for by Crow at two private schools. The story says Crow paid for one year’s tuition at Hidden Lake Academy in Georgia and one year at Randolph-Macon Academy in Virginia.

Thomas’s close friend, lawyer Mark Paoletta tweeted in solidarity with Thomas, “The Thomases love their great nephew. It is despicable that the press has dragged him into their effort to smear Justice Thomas.” 

Fox News went on to report that “Paoletta said that in 2006, the Thomases were struggling to find a school where they could send their great-nephew, and that in discussion with Crow and his wife Kathy, Crow recommended that they send him to Randolph-Macon Academy, which Crow had also attended.”

Fox News further reported that “Harlan had financially supported Randolph-Macon since the 1980s, and funded scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Harlan offered to pay the first year of Justice Thomas’ great-nephew’s tuition in 2006, and that payment went directly to the school,” Paoletta stated.

The left’s demonization of Justice Thomas extends as far back as 1991, during his nomination hearings, which centered on alleged misconduct with Anita Hill. Justice Thomas described the hearings as a “high tech lynching” before finally receiving his confirmation. He has been a hated target of the left ever since.

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