Bannon makes BRUTAL claim about FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

Following the news that FBI agents were authorized to use “deadly force” during its raid of Mar-a-Lago, political commentators began weighing in on the shocking revelation.

Former Trump White House chief strategist and War Room host Steve Bannon cut straight to the chase on Tuesday, telling The Article III Project founder Mike Davis that the raid was an “attempted assassination.”

At the beginning of the interview, Davis told Bannon, “There’s no question that President Biden orchestrated this raid on President Trump to go get those declassified Crossfire Hurricane presidential records.” He named everyone involved who would stop at nothing to prevent the records’ public release.

Bannon pointedly asked Davis what House leadership needed and argued that “they should start impeachment proceedings just on that.” He recited the shocking details of the unsealed court documents, stating, “They authorized deadly force. They had a medic. They had a plan to triage the wounded. They had a trauma center 18 miles away in [sic] a map.”

Bannon continued, telling Davis, “This was an attempted assassination attempt on Donald John Trump or people associated with him. They wanted a gunfight.” He discussed the authorization by Attorney General Merrick Garland to use deadly force, noting that they had a “combat medic” and “a triage plan for the injured.”

Bannon then said what millions of Americans have been thinking when he asked Davis, “What more do we need, good God in Heaven, what more,” as he pointed out President Trump’s Truth Social post addressing the matter.

Bannon asked, “What more do we need to shut this down? What is it gonna take? Are we gonna send a sharply worded letter?”

Bannon told Davis, “If we tolerate this, we’re tolerating the end of this Republic, sir.” Davis repeated the desperation of those involved in the Russian collusion hoax, calling it “the biggest scandal in American history.” He noted that it was undoubtedly why “they sent in deadly force” to take the records.

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