Biden’s vaccine mandate for health workers BLOCKED in 10 states

by Summer Lane

A federal judge has blocked Joe Biden and his administration’s attempt to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for healthcare workers in 10 states, striking another staggering blow to governmental overreach and tyrannical medical regulations.

This comes on the heels of a federal judge ruling earlier in November to pause the vaccine mandates in response to the state of Texas’ direct challenge to the Biden Administration’s medical overreach.

Biden’s federal vaccine rule requires that healthcare workers be vaccinated against the coronavirus, which would affect more than 17 million employees across the country, demanding that they receive their first dose of the shot before Dec. 6 and a second dose before Jan. 4.

The court order calls for a preliminary injunction of the mandate’s enforcement “pending a full judicial review of the mandate’s legality.” This new ruling by St. Louis District Judge Matthew Schelp blocks the vaccine mandate in Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Alaska, Nebraska, Missouri, New Hampshire, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming.

This ruling is yet another major setback in the Biden administration’s attempts to force Americans across the country to receive a coronavirus shot, combatting vaccine hesitancy with medical edicts.

As the world is gripped with fear over rumblings of the newest coronavirus strain, the Omicron variant, Joe Biden stated Monday in a press conference that it was merely a “cause for concern, not for panic.” He maintained that Americans “have to get your vaccine, you have to get the shot, have to get the booster.”

Additionally, Biden added that there was a possibility of developing updated versions of the coronavirus vaccinations and boosters in response to the new Omicron variant, which may have many people scratching their heads, given that many Americans in the workforce are shying away from taking the initial Covid vaccines, too. The likelihood of Americans rushing to get new shots or boosters is unlikely, especially since Biden’s attempt to mandate the shots has seemingly increased vaccine hesitancy rather than decreased it.

However, the current ruling from Judge Schelp to block the vaccine mandates in 10 American states is great news for proponents of freedom and medical choice. Other states have also filed similar lawsuits that are pending, perhaps signaling the beginning of a wave of lawsuits that will stop Biden’s tyrannical mandates in their tracks for good.

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