BODEGAS FOR TRUMP: 45 embarrasses Biden by earning support of THOUSANDS of NYC businesses

by Summer Lane

New York City is shaping up to be Trump country in 2024, and the latest endorsement from an organization representing thousands of businesses in the city is here to prove it.

On Tuesday, President Trump stepped out in Harlem following a long day at court, stopping by a convenience store, or “bodega,” where he visited a bodega where Jose Alba was wrongfully accused of murder by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Alba later sued Bragg for charging him with second-degree murder and setting an astronomical bail of $500,000. Alba was acting in self-defense at the time of the incident, which took place at the very same Harlem bodega that President Trump visited, per RSBN.

Trump’s historic visit to the bodega drew countless local supporters who even broke spontaneously into singing the “Star Spangled Banner” when he arrived. Shortly after, the Bodega and Small Business Group issued an official statement in support of President Trump, slamming DA Bragg for his previous prosecution of Alba and reiterating how strongly they stood with the president as he faces prosecution at the hands of the same DA.

Their statement explained:

“The Bodega and Small Business Group appreciates President Trump’s support on behalf of tougher enforcement for retail thieves that are making our stores more dangerous and less profitable at the same time. President Trump’s visit and support comes at a time when our own state legislators have refused to strength the laws against repeat retail theft offenders[.]”

BSBG President Fransisco Marte also remarked, “The visit of President Trump highlights just how much we have lost the way in New York. It is our hope that a former president coming to support NYC’s smallest stores, and also to demonstrate his support for stronger laws and enforcement, will spur our own elected officials to action.”

Following Trump’s successful visit to Harlem’s bodega, Joe Biden oddly attempted to recreate the 45th president’s campaign stop by swinging by a convenience store-gas station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Notably, the excitement level of the patrons and staff inside the business didn’t even come close to the energy that supporters expressed upon seeing Trump in New York.

See the video comparison here:

Trump stated on Tuesday during his visit to Harlem that he was going to make a “big play for New York” in the 2024 presidential election, and it seems like he’s got the support in the state to do it.

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