Brazilian President Bolsonaro inspires with stirring message elevating conservatism

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stirred the hearts of American conservatives on Saturday during an inspiring speech delivered on the 2023 CPAC stage in Washington, D.C. Bolsonaro, who is sometimes called “Tropical Trump,” received a warm welcome on Saturday as he offered remarks reflecting on his exceptional term as president in Brazil.

After millions in Brazil rallied for the reelection of Bolsonaro in 2022, he explicably “lost” his election, despite overwhelming support for the conservative leader from the people of his country.

“I thank God for my second life and also for the mission for being the president of Brazil for one term. I feel deep inside that this mission is not over,” Bolsonaro told the CPAC audience.

He stated that during his campaign, he held a Bible verse close to his heart. “John 8:23,” he shared. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Bolsonaro highlighted his administration’s achievements, noting that in 2018, as he was campaigning for president, he was stabbed by a member of the Socialist Party. Nevertheless, he won his election and “put together a great cabinet” with “capable” people who were “above all, patriots.”

The Brazilian president reminded Americans that he never forced anyone to take the Covid vaccine while he was president. He said, “They keep saying science, science, science. What I say is freedom, freedom, freedom!”

He continued, “From deep in my heart, I must say how it’s so gratifying to be received like this anywhere in Brazil and anywhere in the world…The people need leaders, here I see many leaders, and we will only be able to provide for the happiness of our people if we are loyal to our people. When we speak of conservatism, what we fight for are basic things: family, we don’t want gender ideology.”

President Bolsonaro also heralded his relationship with President Donald Trump, calling it “simply exceptional” and noted that he was looking forward to watch the 45th president’s remarks on Saturday evening.

President Donald Trump strongly voiced his support for Bolsonaro in 2022, calling him “a wonderful man” who “loves Brazil beyond all else.”

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