Byron Donalds lays out the ‘facts’ of the Bidens’ alleged ‘international pay-for-play scheme’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler testified that the Biden family received $17.3 million from Ukraine, Romania, and China.

This was divulged as Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., questioned Ziegler during the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Donalds noted that there was “evidence that he was living lavishly through his corporate bank account,” and asked, “Is that the basis of a criminal investigation?”

Ziegler noted that it was. He was then asked about attempts to obtain location data regarding the infamous WhatsApp message implicating Joe Biden in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Ziegler admitted that the prosecutor was not interested in finding location data and that he was not able to do so.

Donalds then referenced another curious Hunter Biden message stating, “10 held by H for The Big Guy.

Ziegler affirmed, “Now that you have those two things kind of correlating with each other a normal process or procedure that we would go through you would want to figure out – is that information truthful in that WhatsApp message.”

Donalds then admitted that members of the committee and the American people believe, “There are elements at the Department of Justice who did not want this information out.

He called out the Biden’s alleged “international pay-for-play scheme,” and questioned how much the Biden family received from Ukraine, Romania, and China.

Ziegler approximated the total to be $17.3 million.

Donalds then noted that “two separate investigations” from the IRS and House Oversight Committee are finding the same information. He said, “And we’re supposed to sit here and think that Joe Biden knows nothing?”

He concluded that Delaware AUSA Leslie Wolf, Delaware Attorney General David Weiss, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and Attorney General Merrick Garland need to be questioned. He added, “Because if this action is allowed to occur and investigations are slow-walked with this level of detail, this ain’t Donald Trump, these are facts!”

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