CAUGHT: Joe Biden goes maskless at DC restaurant in violation of the city’s mandate

by Ryan Meilstrup

Joe and Jill Biden on Saturday were seen without masks at a Washington D.C. restaurant, defying the Democrat-run city’s indoor mask mandate.

Videos that circulated on social media over the weekend showed the Bidens’ flagrant disregard for mask-wearing that Joe has mandated others to do, and is required by the city. While Joe and Jill Biden went without masks, secret service agents donned theirs.

The hypocritical scene of the maskless Bidens happened as the two were leaving Fiola Mare, an expensive seafood establishment, in Georgetown, the New York Post reported.

This is not the first time that Biden has been accused of being a hypocrite.

Within hours of signing an executive order on Inauguration Day mandating that masks be worn on federal property, Joe Biden was seen not wearing a mask at the Lincoln Memorial.

Other Democrats who have mandated their constituents to comply with Covid restrictions, but do not follow the rules themselves, have also gone viral for similar displays of hypocrisy.

On the very same day, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer traveled to the Capitol to attend Biden’s inauguration after she told Michiganders that they could not visit relatives or have more than one family in a household. At the time, Michiganders also were not allowed to travel between their own properties.

Whitmer also flew a private jet to Palm Beach County Florida to visit her father.

Stay home to save lives, she insisted.

More prominent Democrats have been caught breaking Covid lockdown rules, some of which, they ordered themselves.

Last year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a non-socially distanced birthday party in Napa Valley. While Newsom —who has imposed some of the most stringent lockdown rules in the country — ate at one of the most expensive restaurants in the state (an average meal there costs $325), Californians were being forced to live by a different, much less luxurious standard.

Early in the pandemic, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot would not allow residents of her city to get a haircut, but she felt it was critical given her public job to get a trim herself. Mayor Lightfoot also celebrated in the streets when Joe Biden claimed victory in the presidential election.

And New York Mayor Bill de Blasio took to the streets this summer to protest with Black Lives Matter, as did Gretchen Whitmer and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, despite restrictions on public gatherings they imposed on others.

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