CLEAN SWEEP: Republicans dominate Louisiana runoff elections

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

The GOP has gained ground in Louisiana after winning three runoff elections for attorney general, treasurer, and secretary of state on Saturday. The GOP candidates in all three races won their respective elections with at least 65 percent of the state’s vote, according to Just the News.

For example, the Republican candidate for attorney general, Liz Murrill, was winning through election night against her Democratic opponent, Lindsey Cheek, “by slightly more than 2 to 1,” according to political analyst Clancy DuBos.

A similar pattern was seen across all three of Saturday’s runoff elections. DuBos pointed out there were small pockets with a “high concentration of African American voters” that went for the Democrat candidates in each race.

DuBos expanded on this point, demonstrating that the electoral maps from the three races do not dramatically change from race to race. DuBos argued that Louisiana voters often voted for the Democrat or Republican candidates down the ballot based on their political affiliation.  

The current Louisiana governor is Democrat John Edwards, who is constitutionally limited from running for reelection. The Louisiana gubernatorial office will be filled in January by Republican candidate Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who was able to win without the race going into a runoff. It is also worth noting that President Donald Trump endorsed Landry during his gubernatorial campaign, according to Just the News.

These three victories by GOP candidates mean the Republican Party will control the five most powerful positions in the state of Louisiana’s executive branch starting in January. In addition, these elections made state history as Nancy Murrill became the first female attorney general, and Nancy Landry was the first woman elected as Louisiana’s secretary of state. 

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