Comer says investigation into Biden bribery scandal is entering ‘deposition phase’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., hinted this week on Fox News that new information would soon be released related to the ongoing investigation into the alleged bribery scheme involving Joe Biden.

He noted that in their investigation into the bribery scheme, the House Oversight Committee was “up to six banks now” and said, “we’re going to have an announcement hopefully next week of more findings, more disturbing findings that we’ve found – bank records don’t lie.”

Comer added, “People cheat on their taxes all the time, but it’s hard to cheat on bank records.”

He shared that the committee was hoping to gain access to more “bank violations that we believe would have information on the potential bribery charges that were alleged in the FBI document.”

Comer additionally shared that they were moving toward the “deposition phase,” and that they planned to first depose Devon Archer. For reference, Devon Archer has been closely linked with Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.

In June, Comer subpoenaed the Biden family associate, stating in a letter to Archer’s attorney, “Both information that the Committee has reviewed and public reporting indicates that Mr. Archer played a significant role in the Biden family’s business deals abroad, including but not limited to China, Russia, and Ukraine.”

Previously, Comer commented on the DOJ’s potential past moves to deter investigation and possible prosecution against the Biden family, calling it “public corruption at the highest level.”

Over the past few weeks, new information has come to light in the wake of IRS whistleblower testimony that alleged DOJ prosecutors directed IRS agents to tiptoe around Hunter Biden and the “Big Guy,” who is widely alleged to be then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Rep. Comer stated in June, “The Bidens received millions from foreign adversaries but still won’t tell the American people what they were selling. Now whistleblowers have revealed a Justice Department cover up. This is public corruption at the highest level.”

Comer told Fox this week, “We have a list of who’s who that were involved in the Biden organization that we plan on deposing throughout the summer.”

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