Crowd goes CRAZY when Trump quotes Founding Father: ‘Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!’

by Summer Lane

The crowd at the Saturday night’s Libertarian Convention went wild when President Donald Trump proudly quoted one of the nation’s most beloved Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry.

While extending a “hand of friendship” to the Libertarian attendees during a loud and often raucous speech, Trump declared, “We live by the words of the great American patriot Patrick Henry: ‘Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!”

President Trump’s appearance at the convention was historic. Saturday’s speech marked the first time that a President of the United States addressed the convention, and he noted that he was there in the spirit of unity.

“In the last year I’ve been indicted by the government for 91 different things…if I wasn’t a Libertarian before, I sure as hell am a Libertarian now!” he joked.

Trump deftly added, “Unlike Joe Biden I don’t throw people in jail for disagreeing with me.”

The president dug in hard to the common points between conservatives and Libertarians, urging an alliance that would ensure that Biden does not get four more years in the White House.

“There will be no more liberty for anyone in our country,” he said solemnly, warning about the fallout from another potential Biden term.

Trump added, “The fact is that Joe Biden is a threat to democracy. My mission is to liberate our nation from these fascist frauds and to rescue our democracy. To restore our republic, and to evict Crooked Joe Biden so that America can be a free nation once again!”

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