CRUM: Trump’s policies will help Christians

by David Crum

Op-ed by David T. Crum | Photo: Alamy

Constantine, the Roman Emperor, stopped the persecution of Christians and allowed the Gospel to spread.

Despite the United States not resembling the hostile imperial laws of the Roman Empire, many Christians worry about the direction the country is headed.

When in office, President Donald Trump was a friend to Christians. Trump supported Christians by endorsing the pro-life movement and praising homeschooling, a growing trend.

His administration furthered Christian policies by appointing conservative judges, freeing political prisoners (including pastors), and acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

As president, Trump argued for religious liberty and protection and even encouraged prayer.

With the world becoming more secular, Evangelicals fear more restrictions on their religious beliefs.

The COVID lockdown showed how dangerous a large government can be. The state government threatened California pastor John MacArthur multiple times. MacArthur, who even faced warnings of jail time, didn’t back down and held firm. Eventually, he won in court, challenging California and Gavin Newsom’s policies.

Outside of COVID, the current administration has struggled to define gender identities and differences. From Virginia to California, Americans are becoming weary of liberal policies and worried about what their children are learning in public schools.

Authorities have investigated and arrested pro-life demonstrators, while they always seem to give a free pass to radical left protestors in their destruction of American cities.

President Trump stands proudly with Christians. His speech at the March for Life rally in 2020 proved his dedication to the movement.

Seeing the growing anti-Israel protests around the country, Christians worry, too, are they next? Most Christians stand with Israel and remain baffled by how such sentiments have plagued the nation.

While Christians were freely welcomed in both major political parties in the past, those days appear to be over. If you stand for Christ, for life, and the principles found in the Scriptures, there seems to be only one political party that welcomes you. Trump knows this and acknowledges Christians continue to serve as a substantial part of the Republican base.

Christians are growing tired, too, of the crisis on the southern border. As drugs, poverty, and crime afflict the nation, millions of undocumented people have entered the country. Radical left politicians will even cite the Bible, referencing verses that speak of the sojourner in your land. However, they take such verses out of context and seemingly ignore the Bible and its declaration to uphold government laws (ordained by God).

Trump has an opportunity to be like Constantine. He can accomplish his part in the Great Commission by enabling friendly Christian policies and protections to the faith, where Biblical tenets are valued and embraced.

The left has been in hysteria with the appointment of Mike Johnson as speaker. Johnson, a devout Christian, lives by his beliefs. Let’s pray that the 2024 election brings a stronger foundation of faith, leading to changes in government policies and the country’s direction.

Christians can attempt to stay out of politics and ignore the warnings of the day, but this will only be temporary. Whether it be lockdowns, infringement of rights, or persecution of your faith, large government and liberal policies will reach your church or home if they haven’t already.

Christians know what they are getting with Trump. His policies made us safer and stronger. And most importantly, he never shied away from his support of Christians. It’s time to vote your conscience and your faith.

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