DARE TO DREAM: why Donald Trump offers Gen Z the BEST shot at a brighter future

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

The year was 1985. A stamp cost just 20 cents, a movie ticket clocked in at around $3.55, and the new Honda Accord was selling for about $8,000. With just $20, the average American teenager could enjoy a night out on the town, take in the latest movie, grab a quick bite to eat, and fill up their car with gas.

Such a reality is so far removed from today’s crushing inflationary pressure that it seems as if 1985 and the days of approachable price points are little more than relics from a distant past. And yet, the economy of yesteryear recalls Americans’ attention like a clamoring echo, providing a stark contrast between then and the catastrophic now.

Today’s youngest generation is more burdened than ever by the failing economy that has slowed American industry to a groaning slog. Mortgage interest rates are high, car prices are skyrocketing, and real wages have failed to keep up with inflation. Many members of Gen Z and even the Millennial generation are moving back in with their families.

After the pandemic in 2020, almost 50 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 moved back in with their parents, and today, almost 45 percent of that age group are still living at home, via data shared on Fortune.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2022, nominal wage growth slowed to a crawl, resulting in a decline in inflation-adjusted wages. As prices have continued to climb in 2023, this trend has not slowed down. Young voters are more concerned than ever that they will never be able to own a home, buy a car, or dig themselves out of a pit of unending student debt.

For Gen Z, the legendary American dream that was within reach of the Baby Boomer generation has disappeared in the ashes and smoke of Joe Biden’s chaotic administration, which has ushered in unprecedented economic devastation and global violence.

Amid such trying times, young voters are searching for a solution to their problems. They, like their parents, long for a promising economy that offers competitive wages, fair prices, and affordable home ownership.

Under Joe Biden, Gen Z’s hopes and dreams have been trampled on. Under Joe Biden, America’s future is bleak, promising only higher inflation and the possibility of a looming World War III.

In this challenging era of U.S. history, only one man presents a forward-thinking vision of hope and common sense policies that can restore the American dream for the nation’s young voters: Donald J. Trump.

Gen Z wants a chance at prosperity

The swell of economic prosperity that began after the hardships of the Great Depression and World War II gave way to the age of the Baby Boomers. Now, Gen Z (classified as the generation born between 1997 and 2012), is reflecting somewhat bitterly on those storied glory days, wondering where their chance is at achieving the American dream, complete with a white picket fence and a shiny new car.

While there are certainly many issues pressing Americans today, the economy is perhaps the most potent, because it affects everyone across every voting group. Brilyn Hollyhand, who founded “The Truth Gazette,” is a proud member of Gen Z. At just 17-years-old, he is a savvy political commentator and strategist who knows a thing or two about what the youth of America are feeling. Hollyhand is also the co-chair of the RNC Youth Advisory Council.

This year, Hollyhand has been on the 2024 campaign trail, visiting states like Florida, Texas, and Michigan. When he talks to young people, he has consistently found that their biggest concern was the cost of living. “Their number one issue was the economy,” he told RSBN.

He added, “Bidenomics is really hurting my generation.”

When asked if Gen Z is feeling the sting of Biden’s broken promises (such as student loan forgiveness, which has drawn intense criticism from its adversaries and has failed to come to legal fruition), Hollyhand agreed. “Yes, absolutely – I hear that all the time,” he confirmed.

He noted that there was a “generational shift” happening in America as Gen Z rouses from a political slumber ahead of the 2024 general election, stirred by the threat of global war (Hollyhand posited that he didn’t think Gen Z would support fighting a war overseas) and the “number one threat” of the unsecured southern border.

Indeed, the dark clouds of global war loom ominously on the horizon, exacerbated by China’s increasing military strength and Iran’s unchecked nuclear potential. These disasters have been brought on by the weakness of Joe Biden’s administration and a trail of broken promises built on a crumbling campaign slogan, “Build Back Better.”

The irony has not been lost on many Americans – particularly young voters who may have cast their votes for Biden with the hope of getting their student loans forgiven or seizing a shot at entering favorable job market on the heels of the pandemic.

Alas, those dreams have been callously torched, and Joe Biden is the one recklessly and repeatedly dumping kerosene on the flames.

Social justice burnout

Like it or not, today’s social justice movements have done very little, if anything, to assuage the basic human problems afflicting Americans today. While some kids on campus may raise their fist in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” or inexplicably swear allegiance to a rainbow-striped flag, one thing is clear: neither of those movements are going to bring down the cost of living, nor are they going to keep the country out of war.

Haika Mrema is a 21-year-old college student at Baylor University in Texas who is pursuing a degree in marketing. As the daughter of Tanzanian immigrants, she understands the ups and downs of working toward the American dream, and through her involvement with Campus Reform (associated with the Leadership Institute), she has also reported in the past on instances of liberal biases at school.

When asked what the number one issue for Gen Z voters will be in the 2024 presidential election cycle, Mrema said, “Gender ideology and feminism.”

Surrounded by college students at Baylor University, she has solid insight into the inclinations of the average Gen Z voter, and in her opinion, the controversies surrounding gender and “equal rights” will be a hot topic in 2024.

Mrema added that she thought Gen Z felt betrayed by Biden’s failure to follow through on his campaign promises. She explained, “Especially because we voted on things that we thought we would directly see an impact on and we did not see that at all…I think that will awaken a lot of Gen Z voters…that would make them, I hope, step back and reflect on their decisions.”

When presented with President Donald Trump’s dominant polling numbers over Biden among young voters, Mrema offered thoughtful insight into the phenomenon, theorizing that young voters, perhaps, don’t want to make the same voting mistakes as their parents and grandparents.

“I think we believe we have the power to change the trajectory of America,” she said. “And we have seen the way our parents have voted, and our grandparents possibly have voted and how it has led to the state of our society that we have today…so we want to turn it around, I think.”

Perhaps Gen Z has finally become oversaturated with cancel culture, social justice battle cries, and leftist radicalism. Such metaphysical and political constructs don’t pay the bills, after all, and as young people are presented with the very real possibility of facing world war amidst a tanking economy, they will be forced to make a choice in 2024 between Joe Biden’s current America and the memory of President Trump’s administration, and the promise of things to come.

Bringing America back to greatness

Joe Biden’s plan to “Build Back Better” has resulted in Bidenomics, which has plunged America deeply into trillions of dollars of more debt. What is even more deeply offensive is that Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has all but pressed a knife against the throats of America’s youngest generation in the administration’s quest to continually fund the war in Ukraine.  

In a classified House briefing last week, Secretary Austin allegedly stated that if appropriate funding wasn’t forked over to Ukrainian President Zelensky, “we’ll send your uncles, cousins, and sons to fight Russia.” This was reported by Tucker Carlson, who confirmed the quote to SpaceX and X CEO Elon Musk.

If true, this is yet another example of the repugnant disdain that the Biden regime has for the American people.

Remarkably, it is amidst this stinking rot of federal insanity that President Donald Trump has starkly reentered the political arena in 2024. He alone has managed to put his finger on the pulse of America, and with a track record of economic success from his first term in office, young Americans can see for themselves what a difference one presidency makes.

Recently, Trump addressed 11 points that he would immediately tackle if he won the presidency again in 2024, zeroing in on the top issues that have driven the country into a fever pitch of failure.

Citing high prices and out-of-sight home ownership, President Trump recently pointed out in an editorial for Newsweek, “Sadly, many younger Americans are putting their lives on hold because they think the Biden economy leaves them no choice.”

As president again in 2025, Trump has vowed to rapidly rebuild the economy – a feat that he has done twice. Once, when he took office in 2017 and again in 2020 after the economic hardships introduced by the Covid pandemic.

He has also promised to do the following ten things, as previously reported by RSBN:

  • Put an end to “Joe Biden’s inflation nightmare,”
  • Focus on energy independence/energy production,
  • Reduce government spending,
  • Lower interest rates “so that young people can once again afford to start a family, buy a home, and plan for a great future – the basic building blocks of the American Dream,”
  • Restore law and order,
  • Restore authority and respect for law enforcement,
  • End the rash of “Radical Marxist prosecutors surrendering our cities to violent criminals,”
  • Secure the southern border,
  • End “the scourge of drug addiction once and for all,”
  • Sign an executive order to withhold federal funds for schools caught “pushing far-left content on our children.”

His agenda to restore American greatness is simple and powerful. It isn’t overtly political – it’s common sense. It appeals to the populist heart of the country and gives Gen Z voters and Baby Boomers alike something to root for.

With just 11 simple action items, Trump could expedite the healing of a wounded economy and bring prices back down by unleashing American energy (which Joe Biden has destroyed, starting with the Keystone XL pipeline in 2021), buttoning up an increasingly dangerous southern border (which is facilitating the deaths of thousands of Americans via drug trafficking), and allowing young Americans to feel the joy of private property ownership (by revitalizing the housing market).

Putting the needs of Gen Z first means putting the needs of America first. It means getting back to business, embracing solid economic policies, and delivering on a slate of cut-and-dried campaign promises – something that Joe Biden has failed to do at every turn.

For Gen Z, there is only one choice in 2024 if they want to see the restoration of their hopes and dreams. Donald J. Trump is the man for the job, and if today’s polls are any indication of how next year’s election will go, America’s youngest voting generation may be ready to ignite a political revolution at the ballot box by rejecting Biden’s failure and embracing Donald Trump’s record of winning.

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