DeSantis Calls On Biden To “Stand With the People of Cuba”

by Laura Ramirez

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, during a press conference on July 15, called on Joe Biden to “stand with the people of Cuba” in their fight against the decades-old communist regime.

DeSantis, alongside numerous Florida lawmakers such as Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar and Sen. Marco Rubio, has urged Joe Biden to help Cubans regain access to the internet after the tyrannical government blocked social media sites and limited internet access to stop information about the Cuban protests from reaching the rest of the world.

“We are seeing on the island of Cuba people fighting against the communist dictatorship. That is a noble cause. A free Cuba is a noble cause,” DeSantis said in the press conference last week. “It’s a cause that many of these people have dedicated their lives to, and so we obviously have to stand with the people of Cuba against the communist dictatorship.”

“And one of the most effective things we can do as a country, and we need President Biden to step up to make this happen, and I spoke with FCC Commissioner Carr on the phone, we can be able to be helpful to getting internet back on the island of Cuba,” the governor continued.

DeSantis and Rubio have advised the U.S government to look into satellites, balloons, and hotspots to bring internet access back into the country, AFP reported.

Florida’s governor is also urging local companies to help provide internet access to the island, as reported by Fox News.

The governor sent Joe Biden a letter on July 14 urging the administration to “assist in providing internet access to the people of Cuba standing up against communist oppression and demanding a voice after decades of suffering under a cruel dictatorship.”

After calls of urgency, Biden announced to reporters on July 15 that they are “considering whether we have the technological ability to reinstate that access, per AFP.

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