DeSantis reveals his wife is ‘doing well’ after her final chemotherapy treatment

by Alex Caldwell

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., announced that his wife, First Lady Casey DeSantis, is “doing well” after completing her final chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

DeSantis revealed the news during a during a press conference on Thursday in Hardee County, Florida.

“The first lady yesterday—we completed the final chemotherapy treatment that she has to do,” DeSantis excitedly told the crowd that burst into applause.

“It’s not the most fun thing to see someone to go go through, but at the end of the day, she’s fought really hard. We think she’s responded really well,” said DeSantis. “Still got more stuff to do, but that’s a big milestone.”

News of the first lady’s cancer diagnosis was publicly revealed in October. Since then, she has stepped back from the public spotlight to focus on her health and recovery.

Casey DeSantis is also a mother to three young children.

“She’s doing well, and we look forward to continue to have good news over the ensuing weeks and months,” DeSantis said at the press conference on Thursday.

The news comes weeks after Gov. DeSantis predicted 2022 would be “the year where we can say she is cancer free.”

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