DeSantis touts impressive education accomplishments

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a list of impressive accomplishments related to education that have come to fruition in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis wrote:

“Florida’s Education Accomplishments:

  • Ended Common Core
  • Expanded School Choice
  • Record Increase in Teacher Pay
  • No Tuition Increases at State Universities
  • Investments in Early Literacy, American Civics and Workforce Education
  • – Ended the FSA[.]”

DeSantis has worked to reform education in Florida since he took office, delivering big on perhaps one of his most important promises to voters: banning Critical Race Theory (CRT). In July, the Individual Freedom Act, or the “Stop W.O.K.E. Act” was implemented statewide, effectively banning the use or teaching of CRT in Florida classrooms.

DeSantis took education reform a step further earlier this year, when he pledged almost $1 billion to raising teacher salaries statewide in Florida. “If you want to recruit more people to come in, they[‘ve] got to be able to afford to be able to be teachers,” he said during a March “Raising Teacher Pay” press conference.

Furthermore, DeSantis announced the termination of FSA testing in Florida, becoming the first state in the Union to transition to the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) plan, which focuses on individual student growth and progress versus standardized, general testing requirements.

DeSantis stated last year following the FSA’s termination that Florida’s education should be focused on student’s growth and restoring conversations between parents and teachers.

“In this final step to eradicate Common Core from our assessments, our administration is implementing the lessons learned from progress monitoring both during the state’s recovery and from our districts and schools that were already showing how we can better support students reaching their own unique growth goals,” he said.

Recently, DeSantis’s administration has moved to encourage U.S. veterans to teach in Floridian classrooms. Four years of service in the military with a minimum of 60 college credits, as well as a passing score in a subject area exam will enable qualified vets to receive a five-year temporary teaching certificate, while working toward a Bachelor’s degree, per Governor DeSantis.

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