Donald Trump officially endorses David Perdue’s bid for Georgia governor

by Vianca Rodriguez

In a Save America PAC statement, President Donald Trump on Monday officially announced his “Complete and Total” endorsement of former Sen. David Perdue as a primary challenger to incumbent and anti-Trump Brian Kemp in Georgia’s gubernatorial race.

Trump gave Perdue a glowing endorsement to challenge current Gov. Brian Kemp in what seems to already be an embattled race for governorship in one of several key states for Republicans looking forward to taking back Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.

In line with his tradition to endorse America First candidates, Trump wrote that Perdue is a true “Conservative fighter”, unafraid of the “Radical Left” and referred to him as the “only candidate” in Georgia capable of defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams, who Trump humorously nicknamed as “The Hoax.”

Despite being Republican, Kemp has been called out on multiple occasions by Trump and other GOP members for failing to properly address Georgia election discrepancies that took place during the November 2020 presidential election.

In addition, Trump reiterated that Brian Kemp “failed” the state of Georgia, who alleges no longer counts on the support of the MAGA base nor other conservatives that have felt disappointed by “RINO” elected officials.

“We need strong leaders who will fight, and time is running out!” Trump stated.

Aside from suggesting Perdue is the best candidate for governor of the Peach State, Trump also said Perdue would be a strong candidate in favor of not just eliminating the income tax, but also ensuring election integrity and security, defending the right to bear arms, strengthening the agricultural industry, lowering crime in major cities such as Atlanta, reforming veteran services, as well as paving the way for parents to have a stronger say in their children’s education.

This endorsement comes as David Perdue recently announced his formalized bid for the governor’s seat Monday morning. Perdue

Perdue made it clear that the race for governor is not due to “personal” matters, but because he believes that the problem and the solution are simple.

“He has failed all of us and cannot win in November[…] Instead of protecting our elections, he caved to [Stacey] Abrams and cost us two Senate seats, the Senate majority, and gave Joe Biden free reign,” Perdue said during his formal announcement via Twitter.

Inevitably this announcement caused frictions and tensions within the Republican Party as members are attempting to determine whether to align with President Trump or not.

However, voters speak louder than any verbiage, and it appears that Republican voters, especially the MAGA conservative base, want more honest Republican candidates that are willing to put America first and not just declare themselves members of the party “in name only.”

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