Doug Mastriano wins Republican primary for Pennsylvania governor’s race

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, R-Pa., won the Republican gubernatorial primary election on Tuesday night after droves of voters turned out to support him.

The crowded primary race featured four other Republicans, but Mastriano’s base showed out strong on election day to help him sweep multiple counties. Placing second was former Pennsylvania State Representative, Lou Barletta, but the margin for total votes between the two was far from close. Mastriano secured over 300,000 more votes than Barletta to emerge as the victor.

Mastriano presented himself as anti-establishment Republican that is unafraid to buck leadership. As evidenced by Tuesday night’s election results, the firebrand persona of Mastriano was appealing to many voters.

Moreover, the State Senator was not the only one to score a win, but so did President Donald Trump in his role as a kingmaker. Last week, Trump issued a glowing endorsement of Mastriano.

“There is no one in Pennsylvania who has done more, or fought harder, for Election Integrity than State Senator Doug Mastriano. He has revealed the Deceit, Corruption, and outright Theft of the 2020 Presidential Election, and will do something about it,” stated the 45th president.

Following the events of the 2020 election, Mastriano became a ferocious proponent of investigating voter fraud in the Keystone State. Pleased by Mastriano’s trailblazing spirit, Trump called him a “fighter like few others, and has been with me right from the beginning, and now I have an obligation to be with him.” 

Once again, Trump’s endorsement has proven to be an effective stamp of approval for his picks and a lethal blow to those who do not receive it.

Earlier this month, Trump-endorsed candidates went undefeated across two states in their primary elections. By and large, America First candidates are performing very well as they head into the general elections. Mastriano will look to increase his popularity as he takes on Josh Shapiro on November 8.

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