Dr. Ben Carson offers stalwart hope as America faces a ‘crisis of legitimacy’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

During a compelling CPAC speech, on Thursday, Dr. Ben Carson noted that America has a long history of bravery and ingenuity, but that American leaders have now created a “crisis of legitimacy.”

He explained that although political power in this nation was structured to be directed by its citizens, “The government in Washington, D.C., no longer represents the people.”

Carson expressed concerns that those in power are no longer “pretending” to work for the Americans who fund them.

He described the destruction of American cities and the forces that are supposed to protect them. He called out the divisive nature of identity politics, labeling them a “pure power play for the radical left.”

He noted the escalating political attacks on conservatives, Christians, and anyone who opposes the “radical left.” He also highlighted the takeover of the American public education system.

Carson described how children placed in public schools aren’t learning basic math and civics lessons, and how their underdeveloped minds are being manipulated by a focus on identity. 

He laid out multiple other issues Americans are struggling with every day. Inflation, the border crisis, and an attack on constitutionally-backed inherent rights were all addressed, as were concerns regarding a two-tiered justice system. 

“The law is being used to constantly harass upstanding citizens while the real criminals go untouched,” Carson explained.  

He decried the political “witch hunt” against President Donald Trump, stating that not only are multiple leaders in Washington D.C. trying to stop Trump, but they are also trying to stop Americans.

“Trump’s only crime is representing the American people first,” he went on. 

Carson slammed a lack of leadership and integrity, stating “Our elections are rigged, the legacy media lies with impunity, and the government is just interested in power and control.” 

He also called out Biden’s incompetence, alleging that the Biden administration and the mainstream media worked to instigate a misinformed public while gaslighting those who seek truth. Then he spoke out against Big Tech’s alleged role in working to manipulate the flow of information for political gain. 

“Every American is struggling, and they can only hide that fact for so long,” he went on, noting that the government has a simple role to play in securing safety, freedom, and sovereignty. 

Carson cited Sir John Baggot Glubb’s theory, expressed in his work, The Fate of Empires, that empires only last about 250 years or ten generations. He noted that the United States is nearing that age and must be protected from repeating the mistakes of past nations.

These mistakes, according to Carson, included: mass immigration, a loss of values, frivolity, globalist policies, and “a rejection of religion, order, and even a concept of truth itself.” 

“As we reject God we are spiraling downward. We need to bring him back in a hurry,” he continued. 

Carson praised Americans who are fighting back and reaffirmed a need to look to historical and religious heroes. He spoke of hope and urged Americans to not be divided by identity politics.

“We are neighbors, friends, and colleagues,” he concluded. “Don’t let anybody tell you that we are enemies. We are not, and our togetherness will save us.”