Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson discusses Trump’s massive ‘ovations’ at UFC

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

Celebrity and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared to applaud former President Donald Trump during an interview with Fox for his massive “ovation” while attending a UFC match. 

Johnson appeared alongside WWE President Nick Khan during a “Fox & Friends” interview to discuss Johnson’s new contract with the organization.

During the conversation, the Fox host questioned the two about Trump’s “long history with the WWE,” asking what it “means” that the 45th president receives such a resounding response during his appearances. 

“Donald Trump – he has a long history with WWE. What does it mean that both the WWE audience and the UFC audience seem to have such an appreciation or celebration of Donald Trump?” the Fox interviewer asked. 

Khan pivoted to stating that all are “welcome” within the WWE, highlighting that their focus wasn’t on “red” or “blue states.” The Fox host quickly jumped asking if the organization would be bringing back Trump anytime soon, noting how they brought Johnson back as well. 

“Red states, we sell out; blue states, we sell out – it’s not what we’re focused on. What we’re focused on is the in-ring product and how it delivers to the fans. And if politicians are fans of our product, then they’re welcome,” Khan stated. 

“You’ve got ‘The Rock,’ you want Donald Trump back in the ring at WWE?” the Fox host questioned. 

However, while the WWE president attempted to sidetrack the question by stating that he didn’t know “how well” it would work for Trump versus Johnson “in the ring,” the celebrity quickly asked about Trump’s previous “ovation” at the UFC.

“Listen, I mean The Rock against Donald Trump, I don’t know how well that would work out in the ring for Donald Trump,” Khan joked. 

“How about that ovation he gets, though, when he comes out?” Johnson pointed out.

All three men agreed with Johnson’s question, as Khan echoed a “big ovation” while nodding. A video of the 45th president notably went viral online as footage circulated of a massive UFC crowd cheering Trump on while walking out to his seat. 

Trump had walked out into the crowd alongside former Fox host Tucker Carlson and musician Kid Rock, whom podcaster and UFC announcer Joe Rogan wittily referred to as the “right-wing avengers.”

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