Election experts predict sweeping Republican victories

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Adobe Stock

Ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, election experts are predicting Republicans will make significant strides, accumulating large gains while Democrats suffer great losses.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, election experts shared several indicators that a massive red wave could be underway, with voter turnout benefiting the Republican base.

“Looking at the aggregate number of people who have cast a ballot in each major party primary, we see a clear turnout advantage for the Republicans, compared to the 2018 midterm election, with Republicans up just under 48 percent in primary turnout nationally, while the Democrats are down just over 18 percent,” private pollster Jim Ellis told the outlet.

For example, tremendous GOP voter turnout was recorded in primaries where polling firm WPA Intelligence was present, indicating a trend away from the Democrat Party, director of the firm, Conor Maguire, noted.

“We saw 20-25 percent of the Republican primary voters had never even voted in a Republican primary before they had come out for the first time this year,” Maguire shared with the outlet.

Minority voters are also trending toward the GOP, an accomplishment which Tony Marsh of Savannah Communications attributed to President Donald Trump. “I think Trump gave blacks and Hispanics and Asians a lot of reason to think about the Republican Party as a reliable alternative to Democrats, who have taken minorities for granted for years,” said Marsh.

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who Marsh helped reach minority voters in his gubernatorial campaign, cruised to victory, successfully clinching almost 17 percent of the black male vote, “which was impressive,” Marsh added.

Furthermore, Youngkin was able to win back ten percentage points that were lost initially to Joe Biden in 2020 and flipped over 12 counties that voted for Biden a year back, RSBN reported.

Despite the optimistic predictions, Lilian Rodriguez Baz, chief legal counsel for Ready for Ron PAC, warned that Republicans should not let their guards down.

“While the 2022 midterm elections may be shaping up to be a victory for Republicans, conservatives must still act as though they are behind,” Baz told the Epoch Times. “The midterms only mark the beginning of the fight for a return to the America First agenda.”

Republican voter registration advocate Scott Presler expressed similar sentiments, encouraging voters to participate in campaign activities to increase the chances of a red wave in November.

“I don’t think there’ll be a [red] wave – maybe a trickle. Except AZ, FL, & NV, it isn’t looking good. People tell me, ‘I would give up anything for this country.’ Those same people won’t knock on doors or become Election Day Workers. Unless voters DO SOMETHING, I see no wave,” Presler wrote on Twitter.

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