ENOUGH GAMES: It’s time for the GOP to UNITE around President Trump

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

In 1754, Benjamin Franklin published a famous cartoon that has been utilized as a rallying cry for lovers of liberty everywhere. The cartoon was a simple woodcut illustration of a snake cut into eight pieces, representing eight colonies. The picture was captioned with the words “JOIN, or DIE,” and published in the Pennsylvania Gazette.

The cartoon offered a stark reminder to colonial patriots facing the tyranny of Great Britain that their only hope in withstanding the turbulence of the coming revolution lay in their ability to unite. Without unity, they were doomed.

In the same way, Americans today are facing a similar problem across the U.S. political landscape. Republicans competing in the primary election race will spend millions on attack ads and fundraiser dinners, even though only one candidate can win in the general election against the Democrat nominee.

Trump or bust

President Donald Trump is overwhelmingly dominating the GOP primary polls ahead of next year’s primary election, which has prompted many conservative leaders to call for a collective effort among the nation’s Republican voters to rally around the 45th president.

In the newest Morning Consult poll, Trump has a 43-point lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who was once deemed the “heir apparent” to the president. Since resetting his campaign, DeSantis’s numbers have gotten worse, while Trump’s numbers have only improved.

Other contenders in the race have never managed to net more than single-digit support, with softball candidates like former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., consistently hovering between 2-4 percent in most polls.

It is clear that President Trump is the dominant favorite among the GOP electorate, which begs the question: should the RNC and GOP voters and donors across the nation dump millions of dollars into supporting small-time candidates who will never win?

Or, would the RNC and state GOP groups be better off focusing on supporting a singular candidate with whom they could boost into the 2024 general election with unflinching and unwavering support? Would they be better off coalescing behind one strong candidate who could face down the full might of the corrupt Biden regime, the mainstream media, and the infested ranks of our Deep State federal agencies?

Unite, or lose.

A splintered GOP ticket will only cost Republicans the election. A shocking 54 percent of likely U.S. voters today believe that the 2024 presidential election will be influenced by election fraud, according to Rasmussen. This means that GOP voters are already hesitant about November 2024, thanks to the chaotic election processes of the 2020 presidential election and the 2022 midterm elections.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk cited a mainstream poll from The New York Times and Siena this week that revealed Trump was leading DeSantis in the primary by 37 points. No candidate other than DeSantis (17 percent) managed to score more than 3 percent of support.

He wrote on Twitter, “Now is the time for conservatives to unite and defeat the Democrats and their machine in 2024. Yes, Trump will be facing 4-5 indictments. But the American people see through them as the political witch hunt that they are. They recognize that the intel agencies and the federal leviathan has been weaponized to eliminate their number 1 threat.”

Kirk pointed out that the biggest challenge of 2024 would be the “billions” that Democrats would spend on “ballot harvesting, negative ads, and lawsuits by a well-funded and motivated left.”

Trump discusses his massive polling lead with RSBN’s Brian Glenn.

He noted, “They will outperform polling in key districts because they are investing resources to get out low-propensity voters who otherwise couldn’t be bothered. Will the GOP do the same? We simply cannot afford to waste $1.5 billion on a pointless massacre of a primary. We will not have enough left to properly invest in ballot chasing in key states—investments that must be made NOW. We must unite.”

Earlier this year, former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate and Trump ally Kari Lake remarked that it was “time to rally” around President Trump and instead focus on “exposing that fool @JoeBiden.”

She emphasized the importance of registering voters and funding ballot-chasing operations in battleground states. As such, Lake is spearheading an extensive statewide GOP grassroots coalition in Arizona that will encourage hundreds of thousands of Republicans to vote in the 2024 election.

“We should not be wasting time and money fighting ourselves,” she stated.

Defeating the Democrat beast

The Democrat machine is not simply the operation of a singular political party. The Democrat platform is a behemoth tied to the mainstream media’s countless tributaries, the captured corruption of America’s federal agencies, and an elite group of political oligarchs.

The Republican Party and the GOP are doomed if they cannot unite around President Trump. He has repeatedly proven that he is the only candidate ready, willing, and able to combat the horrifying rot of the D.C. aristocracy truly.

Moreover, the GOP needs him to unite the party again, to capture the spirit of the populist vote, the Independent vote, and the vote of those who are afraid the U.S. will end up in a world war if common sense is not restored to the White House.

There is no path toward a 2024 presidential victory for the Republican Party if they do not unite around President Donald Trump. As Trump himself has said, “Either the DEEP STATE destroys America, or WE destroy the DEEP STATE.”

The path ahead is clear, and the Republican Party must take it.

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