Excusez-moi? Kamala Harris adopts odd French accent while speaking to French scientists in Paris

by Alex Caldwell

Vice President Kamala Harris went viral this week during her visit to the Institut Pasteur’s Covid-19 lab in Paris, France, where she spoke to French scientists using what appeared to be a French accent.

Harris called on politicians to act more like scientists, lamenting how they always stick to “The Plan” – a phrase she continually emphasized with a French dialect.

“In government, we campaign with ‘Ze Plan!'” Harris said using a French accent. “Uppercase T! Uppercase P! ‘Ze Plan!'”

Harris continued, “And then, the environment is such we’re expected to defend ‘Ze Plan,’ even when the first time we roll it out there may be some glitches, and its’s time to reevaluate and then do it again.”

Her five-day overseas trip aims to repair relations between the U.S. and France after the Biden administration struck a secret deal with Australia to build nuclear powered submarines which resulted in Australia cancelling its original $65 million contract to buy French-made submarines.

While Harris attempted to reconcile relations, some have accused her of talking down to the scientists and embarrassing the United States by using a fake accent.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Harris was “more than embarrassing on the world stage.”

“Our adversaries watch that and see weakness,” said Pompeo. “They see people who aren’t serious, they see people who aren’t determined. Precisely the opposite of what we did for for years.”

Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley, comically tweeted “Is she using a FRENCH ACCENT?! I love this episode of VEEP.”

Harris, who has been seen as a possible leader of the Democrat Party as well as the 2024 presidential nominee if Joe Biden does not seek a second term in office, has suffered from low approval ratings amid her trip overseas. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll reported that her approval rating stood at only 28 percent among Americans, even lower than Joe Biden’s.

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