Fani Willis gets slapped with 22 articles of impeachment

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has found herself in hot water over the past few weeks as allegations of misconduct have sprung forth, casting a dark shadow on her behavior in the legal world, particularly as she continues to spearhead the Georgia election-related case against President Donald Trump.

As reported by RSBN, a story surfaced in the media that broke allegations concerning Willis’s involvement with an alleged romantic partner whom she hired to prosecute Trump, thus resulting in reported financial benefits. This partner has allegedly been identified as Nathan Wade, a private attorney.

According to The Epoch Times (TET), D.A. Willis is now facing 22 articles of impeachment on the heels of these allegations, following House Resolution 872, submitted by Georgia State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R).

The basis of the impeachment resolution rests on Georgia Code 16-10-01, the outlet reported. The code states, “any public officer who willfully and intentionally violates the terms of his oath as prescribed by law shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.”

It is important to note that Willis has brought a slate of seemingly spurious charges against Trump and 18 associates or allies in Georgia, which resulted in the president’s now-infamous mugshot at the Fulton County Jail.

According to TET, the impeachment resolution that was filed in Georgia alleges that Willis engaged in “gross abuse of discretion,” as well as “inappropriate” and “unethical” behavior in her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade. Further, she is accused of “tyrannical partiality” and having engaged in leading a “wrongful” indictment against Trump.

President Trump has derided the Georgia election case as yet another example in a long list of politically motivated legal attacks amid a heated 2024 election year.

Trump wrote on Truth Social earlier this year:

“This ‘Special Prosecutor’ [Nathan Wade] was given the assignment to ‘Get’ Donald J. Trump, in collusion and coordination with Crooked Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice [DOJ] and the FBI, working closely with the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation], and probably another ‘Get Trump’ Prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, and Biden’s Friend, Prosecutor Lisa Monaco of the DOJ…”

It is unclear how or if the case against Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, would continue upon D.A. Willis’s prospective removal from the investigation if that is what ends up materializing.

However, the Associated Press has reported that the Georgia General Assembly has not moved to impeach anyone in 50 years.

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