FED UP: Anti-lockdown protests in Australia intensify

by Vianca Rodriguez

Australia has witnessed a flurry of back-to-back anti-lockdown protests surging throughout multiple states, such as Queensland and New South Wales, that have led to violent encounters with the police over the past month.

Despite law enforcement’s crackdown on protestors, Australian truck drivers have pledged to block major highways in order to further solidify these protests.

The Daily Mail published a video showing a truck driver warning people to “stock up” on groceries for the next couple of weeks, as he predicts the supply chains will be disrupted due to demonstrations taking place on Aug. 31.

“It’s on. The truckies are doing it. The truckies are going to shut down the country,” the man says. “What that means is you need to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two, load your fridge, freezers.”

The truck driver stated he had been in contact with several leaders from “around the world,” including veterans, to carry out the massive protests.

“The truckies are in, the VETS are in, I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and children,” said the man.

Last weekend, demonstrations took place in New South Wales and Queensland after health authorities shut down the border between the states. This is just one of multiple draconian measures implemented to curb the Delta variant outbreak and to keep coronavirus cases low. Nevertheless, it was “the final straw” for many Aussies who took to the streets to protest.

Protestors waved signs that said “open the border now” and “I was born free” during last week’s demonstrations.

In addition to Queensland and New South Wales, protests intensified in Melbourne as protesters and police officers violently clashed. Because Melbourne has some of the strictest lockdowns that have been extended indefinitely, it reportedly saw the most “violent” protests in more than 20 years.

Approximately 218 people were arrested, and for the first time, police used violent tactics against protesters, including tackling them with pepper spray canisters.

People of all ages, including small children, attended many of these protests where they marched for freedom as government officials and police officers called them “selfish” for defying lockdown measures and public gathering restrictions.

In Sydney, police officers gave tickets to more than 38,000 vehicles, and banned public and private transportation on Saturday to prevent mass protests from taking place. Yet, Aussies joined in protest regardless of the deterrents.

The Australian government continues to mislead the public by claiming lockdowns are “temporary,” while it continues to issue what appears to be endless lockdown extensions.

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