Federal judge issues temporary BAN on Biden’s vaccine mandates

by Summer Lane

In a powerful, but temporary, victory against Joe Biden’s tyrannical administration, the Federal Court of Appeals has issued a temporary halt to Biden’s federal Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas responded to the news in a tweet posted to his account: “We will have our day in court to strike down Biden’s unconstitutional abuse of authority.”

This temporary ban comes on the heels of Texas’ direct challenge to the Biden Administration, when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a petition for review with the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The petition directly challenges the legal standing of Biden’s mandate, stating the following:

“Jurisdiction and venue for this petition are proper in this Court under 29 U.S.C. § 655(f), because the petition “challenges the validity” of Respondents’ ETS and this Circuit is the location where one or more petitioners “reside[]” or have their “principal place of business.” In other words, the validity of the mandate is being called into question, and Texas is holding nothing back in this fight against federal overreach.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden continued his relentless push for nationwide vaccine mandates, claiming that it is the “single best pathway out of this pandemic.” Additionally, in an attempted blow to individual liberty, he also stated that “while I would have much preferred that the requirements not become necessary, too many people remain unvaccinated for us to get out of this pandemic for good. So I instituted requirements – and they are working.”

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the vaccine mandates are not working as well as he might have hoped. This new, temporary ban on the federal vaccine mandate is a big win for proponents of medical freedom and choice, and it perhaps signals a step in the right direction for individual liberty in America.

In October, Gov. Abbott also banned vaccine mandates of any kind with an executive order, drawing praise from freedom-loving Americans across the country and further solidifying Texas’ position as a dependable conservative stronghold. However, the legal battle between state sovereignty and federal power is raging on, working its way through the court systems.

An emergency hearing will soon take place in this case, promising to keep patriots who support freedom of medical choice on the edge of their seats until a decision is reached in the court.

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