Fiery Covid protests take Vienna by storm as Austrians fight for FREEDOM

by Summer Lane

As tyrannical world leaders dig their heels in and attempt to implement fascist medical regulations and lockdowns to “combat” the coronavirus pandemic, the people of Vienna, Austria are continuing to rise up.

On Saturday, protesters took to the streets, holding fiery torches and flares, fighting against egregious medical overreach inflicted by the Austrian government, which is demanding compulsory vaccination starting Feb. 1.

The mandatory vaccine law was announced in November 2021, following a nationwide lockdown that was strongly protested by Austrian citizens. Tens of thousands of citizens flocked to the capitol of Austria in November to voice their opposition to the lockdowns and medical regulations, many carrying signs and chanting, “Resistance!”

On Saturday, tens of thousands more gathered in Vienna again to protest the coronavirus medical measures. If the Austrian government fulfills its intention to mandate the vaccine, they will be the first European country to effectively punish unvaccinated people in society, as well as the first to mandate compulsory vaccinations, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

Additionally, Bloomberg reported that Chancellor Alexander Schallanberg said that, “Raising the vaccination rate is the only way to break this vicious circle [of solidarity with vaccination].”

Obviously, Chancellor Schallanberg doesn’t seem to be at all concerned with the right of Austrian citizens to make their own medical decisions and has thrown the idea of bodily autonomy to the wind along with German Health Minister Jens Spahn, who is reportedly still open to the idea of more restrictive lockdowns.

It is disturbing that, despite the massive numbers of Austrian people who are rising up to protest these draconian measures, the Austrian regime seems uninterested in bending to the will of their people.

As countries like Canada, Austria, and Belgium attempt to implement similar, freedom-restricting measures, the citizens of the world have been rising up to peacefully but firmly fight back against the abuse of their authoritarian leaders.

Will world leaders like Chancellor Schallanberg take heed and relax their iron grip on the throats of the citizenry? The winds of liberty certainly seem to be blowing in Europe and beyond, and if this worldwide pattern of tyranny continues, the people of Vienna – and the world – will have to stand strong to maintain their freedoms.

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