Former ICE director Tom Homan promises major deportations if Trump wins 2024

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

On Monday, Turning Point USA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk posted on X that Trump administration ICE Director Tom Homan plans to return to his post if Trump wins the White House in 2024.

According to Kirk’s post, Homan went on national TV, saying he “promised President Trump, if he goes back, I will go back, and I’m going to run the biggest deportation operation this country has ever seen.” Here, Homan alludes to the growing struggle by the United States to absorb all the illegal immigrants flooding the country. 

Homan’s comment coincides with a promise made by Donald Trump at a California GOP convention, where he vowed to embark on the “largest deportation operation in history” as the illegal population in the United States is on pace to double since Biden took office in 2020 due to his open border policies.

Homan says in an interview with Fox News that he believes the root of the problem with the open border policy is related to the Biden administration only “car[ing] about the optics of the [border] crisis.”

Homan suggests the Biden administration seems to be trying to save face with voters for 2024 by maintaining a steady position on the issue of immigration instead of trying to address the problem directly.  

Furthermore, Homan thinks of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis as “drastic…and the biggest national security failure [he’s] seen in this country since 9/11.” Homan’s reasoning for this argument stems from Mexican cartels being supplied precursors to fentanyl by China and he argues the Biden administration is doing nothing to solve the problem. 

It is also worth noting Homan mentions that terrorists from other countries are using Biden’s open border policy to enter the United States undetected, taking advantage of the opening at both the southern and northern U.S. borders. 

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