Georgia Elections Board approves subpoena for ballot harvesting probe

by Laura Ramirez

The Georgia Elections Board approved a subpoena, granting Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger a significant win as the ballot harvesting probe into the 2020 presidential election and senate run-offs continue.

As reported by Just the News, the approved subpoena allows Raffensperger and his team to seize crucial evidence into the ballot harvesting investigation, especially gather evidence about a whistleblower who claimed to have been paid to be part of a large operation that harvested ballots.

Raffensperger announced an investigation in January after receiving credible allegations of an illegal ballot harvesting scheme in the Peach State, as RSBN previously reported.

In November, True the Vote, an election integrity group, told Raffensperger they obtained evidence of illegal harvesting in Atlanta. The group claimed they had security footage showing more than 200 activists stuffing drop boxes between midnight and five in the morning. True the Vote also collected geolocation data from the individuals’ cell phones in the tapes.

Nonetheless, the days leading into the investigation were grueling as Georgia’s largest counties admitted to no longer possessing pivotal video camera surveillance footage that monitored drop boxes during the 2020 election.

The missing surveillance footage would’ve provided vital insight into organized ballot harvesting in the state.

Ballot harvesting or having a third party collect and deliver ballots on behalf of voters is illegal in the Peach State.

While individuals engaged in harvesting are prosecuted under current state law, state officials told Just the News they have been discussing efforts to bring penalties for voters who give their ballot to a third party.

Another election integrity group, VoterGA, recently sounded alarms that the 2020 presidential election was tainted. The group alleged Fulton County election officials engaged in illegal activity that changed the outcome of the results.

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