Glenn Beck scorches the indictment of Donald Trump

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

Blaze Media CEO Glenn Beck lit up the airwaves Thursday night as he shredded the indictment of President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is not even a person anymore. He is a symbol,” exclaimed Beck on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Qualifying his statements, Beck compared the ongoing political persecution of President Trump to the “average, everyday guy that keeps getting screwed every single time.”

Continuing with the sentiment, he said Trump is like the person that can’t catch a break while “other people screw up big banks, screw up their companies and get away with it.”

He also highlighted the two-tiered justice system in America. Common Americans “see people all the time doing stuff that they know if they did, they’d be in prison for 20 years,” said Beck.

However, the “elite” have a different set of rules, therefore, “they get away” with breaking the law. Emphatically, Beck stated that “Donald Trump has taken arrow after arrow.” Following, the radio host sported a red “MAGA” hat while expressing that the “average American feels” a similarity. 

Moreover, Beck opined that Trump “has been taking the bullets for the average person now for years.”

As a result, “people on the right feel like he’s the only guy that really gets what the people are feeling,” said Beck.

Donald Trump has a unique ability to be a billionaire that simultaneously relates to blue-collar America. Consequentially, Beck confidently proclaimed that the indictment will “not end well for the Democrats in the next election.”

Beck’s 2024 prediction is not void of concrete reasoning. Social media has witnessed an abundance of users voicing their support for the America First leader since the news of the witch hunt became public.

Chiding the political persecution, the 45th president stated that “These Corrupt Democrat Prosecutors, all from poorly run and very dangerous Democrat run cities, are not going to choose the Republican Nominee, or the next President of the United States!”

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