Gorilla-masked heckler hurls egg at Larry Elder, harasses campaign staff during Los Angeles event

by Libby Krieger

Front-running California recall candidate and radio show host Larry Elder was attacked by a gorilla-masked protestor while on a campaign tour in a Venice Beach neighborhood in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

A female harasser lobbed an egg at the head of the Republican candidate, who is black, narrowly missing him and his group.

Elder was beginning his “Recall Express” bus tour and touring the area’s homelessness conditions with campaign staff and local officials when the incident happened.

Conservatives were rightly outraged over Elder’s harassment. Liz Wheeler, a popular conservative commentator, pointed out that had Elder been a black Democrat, the left would have been outraged. But, because he is a Republican, they were silent.

“Imagine if this attack had happened to a black Democrat. The outrage! But since Larry is a black Republican … nothing,” she said slamming the left’s double standard.

After the commotion broke out, Elder was escorted in an SUV, though it remains unclear whether he or his staff was hit with any projectiles.

Once Elder was of the scene, an angry protestor opined: “He has one year to do if he even wins. He can’t do sh*t!”

“He wouldn’t be able to get nothing done, so why is he running?” the man yelled.

With a double-digit lead over the other recall candidates, noted by the Public Policy Institute of California, Elder poses a clear and present danger to California progressives in the scenario that Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom gets recalled next week.

Despite the heckling, Elder vowed to continue his mission to replace Newsom as governor.

“Today I kicked off the Recall Express bus tour. Before we even left Los Angeles, my security detail was physically assaulted, shot with a pellet gun, and hit with projectiles. The intolerant left will not stop us. We will recall Gavin Newsom. We will save California,” Elder promised.

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