House Speaker announces AI task force to better understand ‘complexities of this transformative technology’

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., together with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., announced the creation of a bipartisan Artificial Intelligence task force. This task force will investigate how Congress can ensure the United States continues leading in AI innovation while creating potential safety to protect against current and emerging threats

House Speaker Johnson wrote on X, “Because advancements in artificial intelligence have the potential to rapidly transform our economy and our society, it is important for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to understand and plan for the promises and the complexities of this transformative technology.”

Furthermore, Johnson said this task force will be made of House of Representative members who have “AI expertise and represent the relevant committees of jurisdiction.”

The task force’s co-chairs will be House Reps. Jay Obernolte, R-Calif, and Ted Lieu, D-Calif, who both have been vocal about Artificial Intelligence. It is worth noting Obernolte chairs the Oversight Committee for the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, while Lieu sits on the House Judiciary Committee’s internet subcommittee. 

Obernolte called it “an honor to be entrusted by Speaker Johnson to serve as Chairman of the House Task Force on Artificial Intelligence.” The congressman added, “As new innovations in AI continue to emerge, Congress and our partners in the federal government must keep up…the regulatory standards and congressional actions needed to both protect consumers and foster continued investment and innovation in AI.”

While Johnson has not laid out an exact strategy to handle AI’s growing presence, he has taken notable steps as Speaker to better understand AI and the potential of its role in society. A notable amount of bills involving Artificial Intelligence like deep fakes and intellectual property rights have been brought to the House floor, but none have made it to an official vote. 

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