HUGE: NYT poll predicts Trump landslide in November 2024

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A new poll from The New York Times has found that President Donald Trump is leading in five out of six swing states ahead of the November 2024 general election against Joe Biden, setting him up for what could easily be a landslide victory.

In the poll, the president is leading Biden in Nevada (+10), Georgia (+6), Arizona (+5), Michigan (+5), and Pennsylvania (+4). Biden led in Wisconsin by only a narrow two points, according to their survey, which was conducted with Siena College.

Via an analysis from Axios, Trump would easily dominate Biden in the 2024 national election with over 300 electoral votes, if the data from the swing states hold steady and the 45th president wins in those critical battleground areas of the country next November.

According to the NYT/Sienna poll, most voters felt that Trump would do much better than Biden in handling the U.S. economy by 22 points (59 percent against 37 percent).

Their poll also found that Trump was doing well with Hispanic voters, with the president claiming support from 42 percent of Hispanic voters in swing states.

According to their data, Hispanic voters were “three times more likely to say economic issues are important in deciding their vote than social issues, and are 20 points more likely to trust Mr. Trump over Mr. Biden to handle the economy.”

President Trump is supremely dominant in the 2024 GOP primary battle, where he is holding 61 percent of nationwide Republican primary voters’ support, according to the newest data from Morning Consult.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., came in a distant runner-up at just 13 percent, while no other prospective candidate netted more than single digit support.

With poll numbers like that, President Trump seems poised to easily sweep the Republican 2024 presidential primary, which will undoubtedly set him up for a resounding rematch with Joe Biden.

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