‘Illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL’: President Trump SHREDS Biden’s new amnesty plan

by Grace Saldana

During a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, President Trump reacted for the first time to Joe Biden’s new plan to give amnesty to roughly half a million undocumented immigrants.

He said, “Crooked Joe’s action today is an illegal, unconstitutional amnesty without approval from Congress. No approval from the courts or the American people, but he never does that.”

President Trump’s reaction came minutes after Biden announced the amnesty plan during a concerning press conference, where his cognitive decline took centerstage.

Nonetheless, earlier reports about the plan indicated that it would grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens as long as they meet certain residency requirements, per RSBN.

President Trump maintains that the borders must be secured and illegal immigrants, especially those committing violent crimes, must be deported.

He shared the story of Rachel Morin, a mother of five, who was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Trump said, “This monster should never have been allowed into our country and if I was president, he would never have been able to come in.” The crowd responded with chants of “USA! USA!”

He later vowed, “I will restore the sovereign borders of the United States of America, so help me, God!” during the rally in Wisconsin.

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