In a new era of conservative filmmaking, ‘My Son Hunter’ successfully debuts online

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

In August, the theatrical trailer for the anticipated film, “My Son Hunter,” debuted online, treating millions of curious Americans to a taste of what was in store when the feature-length film was officially released in September.

According to Breitbart, the trailer was viewed 3.5 million times when it debuted, following an all-star panel discussion exclusively available on Truth Social, the free speech networking website kick-started by President Donald Trump.

The film exclusively examines the purported corruption, drug addiction, and shadowed business deals of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and directly addresses the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has proved to be a source of embarrassment and inescapable condemnation for the entire Biden family.

The film, directed by Robert Davi, further heralds Breitbart’s first foray into movie-making, per the outlet. Like Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary, audience access to “My Son Hunter” was made simple through digital download. There was also an option to view the film through the online Locals platform.

According to a report from The Western Journal, the $2.75 million film reportedly received a standing ovation at its very first screening in early September. The movie stars Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden, John James as Joe Biden, Gina Carano as a Secret Service Agent, and Emma Gojkovic as a character named Grace Anderson “Kitty.”

Per Breitbart, Fox, who plays the lead role, lambasted Hunter Biden in an interview with the outlet: “It’s absolutely appalling that this drug addict is on a plane with his father going and selling America’s future to the Chinese,” he stated.

“My Son Hunter” additionally marked another milestone in a new era of conservative media entertainment. Earlier this year, “canceled” celebrity Gina Carano previously starred in an original film released in 2022, “Terror on the Prairie,” in a partnership with the Daily Wire.

Watch the full trailer for “My Son Hunter” here:

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