‘Inconceivable’: Trump reacts to Biden’s bid for reelection

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

President Trump excoriated his opponent Joe Biden on Tuesday just moments after his rival announced his reelection bid for a second term in the Oval Office, calling out the incumbent for his “failed presidency.”

In a video statement posted to Twitter by the Trump War Room, President Trump noted that it was “almost inconceivable that Biden would even think of running for reelection,” calling him “the most corrupt president in American history.”

“You could take the five worst presidents in American history, and put them together, and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done to our nation in just a few short years,” said Trump.

Trump then attacked Biden’s record on the economy, which he claimed brought “the worst inflation in half a century” onto Americans and their families.

“Banks are failing. Our currency is crashing, and the dollar will soon no longer be the world standard,” said Trump.

He continued, “Real wages have been falling 24 months in a row—in other words, under Biden, workers have gotten a pay cut each and every month for two straight years.”

Trump also focused on Biden’s surrender of American interests both foreign and domestic, while accusing the rival Democrat of instead weaponizing law enforcement against his political opponents.

“We have surrendered our energy independence, just like we surrendered in Afghanistan, which we had just a short time ago, and the price of gasoline just hit a five-month high, and it’s going much higher than that,” Trump asserted.

Trump continued, “Our cities have been overrun by homelessness, drug addicts, and violent criminals who are being released from jail in mass with no retribution whatsoever, while law enforcement is weaponized against law-abiding conservatives, or Republicans, or people they just don’t like.”

Regular gasoline prices hit their highest point of the year in April, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, averaging more than $3.60 per gallon nationwide.

In other areas of the country, including Arizona, prices have soared past $5.00 per gallon, according to reports.

“The price of gas in Phoenix just hit $5 a gallon. That’s more expensive than Los Angeles,” tweeted former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

The 45th president later accused Biden of leading the world “to the very brink of World War III,” citing conflicts with Ukraine, Russia, China, and Iran as evidence of such.

“Russia is teaming up with China. Iran is days away from a nuclear bomb—not even thinkable. Ukraine has been devastated by the invasions that would have never happened if I was president, and Joe Biden has led us to the very brink of World War III,” Trump declared.

“On top of it all, Biden is the most corrupt president in American history, and that’s not even close. With such a calamitous and failed presidency, it is almost inconceivable that Biden would even think of running for reelection,” added Trump.

The 45th president then vowed to be the “radical Democrats’ worst nightmare,” promising to “rescue” the economy, “crush inflation,” stop illegal immigration, restore dignity to the nation, and “prevent World War III from happening.”

Trump’s statement comes after Biden declared his candidacy for reelection on Tuesday.

Biden is currently facing a primary challenge from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and author and guru Marianne Williamson, though it is not expected to be competitive.

On the GOP side, a new poll from Clarity Campaign shows Trump with a whopping 45-point lead over his closest potential challenger, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

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