‘It’s crazy’: Trump decries energy and electricity problems under Biden

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump attacked the ongoing energy crisis under Joe Biden’s leadership, ripping the Biden regime for killing the Keystone XL pipeline and driving gas prices through the roof.

Trump spoke on the issue of energy and electricity in the U.S. to a full house of supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday afternoon, touting his America First policies headed into the 2024 presidential election.

Trump promised, “If you want to buy a car powered by an internal combustion engine…you’ll be able to do it long into the future; we’re going to put it all back and if you want a gas stove, you’re going to be able to have a gas stove!”

The audience cheered and laughed. Trump also flamed the idea that electric cars were better for the environment, pointing out that the batteries were produced with a fair amount of pollution, and that the “batteries are all made in China or in areas China controls.”

He continued regarding unused American oil, “We have more liquid gold under our feet…but we’re not allowed to use it!”

Trump also ripped the concept of forcing people to purchase electric cars.

“Some people might electric, some people might like something else…but to force them when we don’t have enough electricity for ourselves?” he said. “The whole thing is crazy – it’s crazy, and that’s why I say, April Fools!”

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